Date: 9th February 2009 at 12:55pm
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OlympicO here, and as of today (09.02.2009), I`ve been sworn in to take this site as far as I possibly can.

Naturally I`ll be needing as much help as I can in terms of the forum and voting polls. After all this is my first stint into journalism on this sort of scale and your feedback would be much appreciated.

A few things will change from the previous regime. Spelling and grammar will improve for a start. Content may be less frequent to start with but will hopefully be of a higher quality and provide a few discussion points.

I’m hoping to do some tie-ins with other clubs in our division to try and get some banter flowing backwards and forwards too.

I’ll also be setting some personal goals for the site just as Saint Geraint is currently in the process of doing at Brisbane Road.

My first goal is to tidy up the site and do a bit of house-keeping. So hang with me for a bit until I get all the formatting and stuff nailed on.

My second and longer-term goal is to see how we can improve as a site. There’s definitely room for an independent O’s site such as Vital O’s. Remember that we’re totally independent of the club and any other media.

It’d be interesting to see what the current readers think, ideas? Improvements? Even if there are any current readers?

That’s enough from me for my first bit of news.

Up the O’s!