Date: 16th August 2013 at 12:23pm
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In his latest blog for VitalOrient Steven Roast reflects on keeping a eye on the O’s from afar.

‘We respectfully request your attendance on Saturday 10th August 2013` read the invitation. ‘It will be fine` I said to the wife ‘We might be away from home on that day.` Fast forward a few months and my worst fears were confirmed. Carlisle away on 3rd August then Shrewsbury at home on 10th August. With the aforementioned wedding in Shrewsbury itself someone was winding me up?

With RSVP`s returned, food ordered and hotels booked there was no turning back. Off to Shrewsbury we headed for a three and a half hour journey across the motorways of England. Seven painful hours later and we reached our destination. I could only hope the Shrewsbury players endured the same journey on their way to E10 in the opposite direction.

Morning soon came and the big day had finally arrived. Nerves, new outfits and anticipation filled the air at the church as well as Brisbane Road. Instead of dresses, hymns and vows my mind was occupied with thoughts of Mooney, Lisbie and Baudry. Instead of Moses and the burning bush I was thinking about Odubajo and his jinking runs. A little prayer for a win from the O`s and the service was underway.

With the ceremony now over we arrived at the reception. Great?no 3G. Were the football gods trying to tell me something? You don`t want to know the score son. Enjoy the wedding. Having to rely on texts from my Dad who was at the game the first one came through. ‘Clarke in for Sawyer` it read. Given that Sawyer had a mare against Coventry this was a positive step I thought. With my mind drifting to formations and how the back four would line up the photographer was busily trying to arrange the guests in his own formation for the traditional family photos.

No further updates for almost an hour as we mingled with the other guests and laughed over the glasses of Pimm`s that were on offer. My text alert broke the silence. ‘0-0 HT. Not missed much. Few half chances. Not the same side as Tuesday` read the message. Short and to the point but ultimately not what I wanted to hear. As other people around had nerves etched on their faces about speeches I was anxious about what Orient team would show up for the second half.

Buzz, buzz?my phone vibrates. That text I longed to see appeared when I opened my Dad`s latest message?’1-0 Mooney`?again short and to the point but at last relief!! I let out a small cry of ‘Yes!’ which resulted in an inquisitive look from the wife as I returned the phone back into my pocket and went back to the conversations. Barely 10 minutes later and there was another vibration. Nervously I opened the message which read ‘2-0 Mooney again`. My excitement rising, I hastily looked around for someone to celebrate with but the only game of interest to anyone here was the croquet being played on the lawn. Still my newly funded high Orient expectations met surely we were home and dry now.

Soon we were all called in for dinner. At least I can relax and enjoy the meal with a two goal lead under our belts. But this is Orient. Memories of Shrewsbury games in years gone by where 2-0 leads at home have been let slip flashed through my mind. But this year we are stronger we are better than that I told myself. Taking my seat at the table the familiar sound of a vibrating phone went off. ‘3-0 Moses` the message said. This time with victory secure in true football fan style I performed a celebratory jig which brought a scowl from the missus. It couldn`t dampen my mood though. 3-0 and game over. Three points to the O`s! Three wins out of three! Three cheers for the new bride and groom, three cheers for the Orient!

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