Date: 7th September 2009 at 8:39pm
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Yep, back to the 90s home heyday!: 11%
We’ll win more than we lose: 15%
Well, we might win more than six…: 41%
Nope, another season of utter Brisbane Woed: 33%

It’s been running for a while, this’un, and deliberately. I wanted to gague pre-season expectations against in-season realism. Plus have a couple of games to illustrate those schools of thought… but as it goes they’ve disappointingly only served to illustrate one.

In the run up to (and in the immediate aftermath of) the Bristol Rovers game, confidence was high. Orient’s positive end to the previous campaign and marquee signings such as Jamie Scowcroft and Ben Chorley had certainly put everyone in a good frame of mind. A good performance at the Memorial Ground saw the top two categories tussling for the lead with around 40% of the vote each. How times change.

With each and every terrible home performance and result, the vote has swung further and further away from that early optimism, with the more dismal prognostications winning through. Why are we so bad at home? Well that’s something which has been discussed in detail before.

Perhaps most tellingly, what the results have told is that us O’s fans don’t believe that the side is going to turn it around. We’ve still got 20 League games at Brisbane Road, but few respondants see us winning more than 6 of those left. And what usually happens to sides that don’t even win a third of their home games? Well, they have to be damn good away, that’s for sure….