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Martin Ling is mystified why clubs in the higher divisions aren’t sniffing around hot shot Gary Alexander.

The 26 year old is on a goal scoring spree at the moment with 10 in 10 games, scoring in 9 successive games (one short of the club record).

Ling says: ‘Every time you pick up a paper, you read about Nathan Tyson at Wycombe and Lee Trundle at Swansea. I don’t understand why Gary is not put in that bracket.’

Although, he isn’t saying it makes him unhappy to be able to keep the player!

‘Of course I’m delighted that there is no apparent interest in him, but I am very surprised. Gary is a different type of player from Tyson and Trundle, but he still has a lot of quality.’

Yup, and long may that quality be used at Leyton Orient!

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