Date: 22nd January 2006 at 1:53pm
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On a weekend when Orient had to win, the O’s stood up to be counted as the top three all dropped points.

Special Day

There was something special about yesterday’s victory at Wrexham, it could have been the beautiful Welsh sunshine that shone over the Racecourse ground, it could have been the rather cheap and copious amounts of alcohol, or it could have been the sight of another Orient away day success. There is always an element of doubt in one’s mind when he or she elects to travel several hours north to one of the less salubrious destinations that Orient will visit this year. In fact, it is possibly quite normal to start to question your own wisdom and judgement. Yet, come full time, it is almost embarassing to think that you had negative feelings towards making the ridiculously long journey to North Wales.

Though only 198 O’s fans made the trip to Wrexham, which is at best, a rather horrible place where the home fans like to throw objects at their visitors after the game, it was a most satisfying day. There is something refreshing about going into the heart of your opponents town, meeting their supporters, drinking their beer and then taking all three points back to East London whilst celebrating all the way home. Whilst the Welsh supporters were quite friendly before the game, their attitude somewhat changed after the match had finished, and some of us had to make a rather brisk exit to avoid the objects that were being thrown our way.

Nationalistic Pride?

It has been noted that on Orient’s trips to Wrexham and Carlisle, a minority of home supporters have been all too ready to act in a provocative manner towards Orient fans. Perhaps it is their nationalistic pride with Wrexham being Welsh, and Carlisle being in the middle of nowhere, that they feel as if they have a point to prove. The lack of police protection afforded to away fans in both games was rather laughable as Orient fans faced uneasy trips away from the stadiums on both occasions. It must be noted that it is only a minority of fans that start trouble, mainly young kids who are used as bait before the older heavies come in and voice their opinions.

Safety Of Fans

Despite these incidents, Orient fans have not reacted and that is to be applauded. The circumstances that Orient fans had to negotiate at Carlisle were ridiculous, and although the Cumbrian club issued an official statment apologising for their fans behaviour it was too little too late. The safety of fans should always be paramount and there are too many clubs out there who are not fulfilling their duty to protect both sets of fans.

Mindless Idiots

There is something sad about leaving a football ground and seeing a bunch of kids trying to intimidate you by throwing objects at you. Is this how they grow up? Is this the behaviour they’ve learnt at home? It’s almost pathetic and one can only feel sorry for the people who continue to practise this sort of activity. It gives football a bad name, and it is something we can do without.

Another Away Win

Despite the brisk getaway from the Racecourse Ground, it failed to spoil another fantastic away day. The O’s fans once again let their team do the talking on the pitch and managed to ignore the childishness that followed after the match. Promotion is a must this season now, if only to save us all another trip to North Wales.